Welcome to the land of locally-produced fresh ingredients and home cooking!  Here at Les Manguiers we prepare a large variety of meals everyday. Rather than having a menu, we offer 3-5 different meals from which to choose each day, which allows us to take advantage of "in-season" dishes.  Typically, meals offered consist of:  seafood; Cambodian and French cuisine; or vegetarian options.  Most are served with rice produced directly from Les Manguiers' rice paddies.

The outdoor kitchen at Les Manguiers

We offer a French-style breakfast with unlimited servings of home-made jam (which a Cambodian magazine recently called "one of the best breakfasts in the country"!)

Lunch and Dinner:
Meals can be served in our restaurant area (below) or in one of our thatched huts perched on the riverside.

E-mail:  mangokampot@gmail.com; mangotree.kampot@yahoo.com

    092 33 00 50; or 090 33 00 50 
From abroad                855 92 33 00 50         or 855 90 33 00 50