Location and Contact Information

Location and Contact Information

Les Manguiers is easily reached by both public and private transport, as it is located just 3 kms north of Kampot town.

From Phnom Penh by private vehicle: take National Route 3 all the way to Kampot town (148 kms).  When you reach Kampot, bear right at the junction with the new bridge road (near the market).  Signs will indicate that this is the way to Sihanoukeville.  After going approximately 500 meters down this road (and just before actually reaching the new bridge) take a right turn heading north parallel to the river.  Take this road for about 2 kilometers until you see a small sign for our guesthouse, at which point you will turn left and proceed another 100 meters to our property on the river.

From Phnom Penh by public transport: you can take either a bus or a share taxi to the Kampot bus/taxi station.  From there, hire either a moto or a tuk-tuk for the final 3 kilometers to Les Manguiers (moto drivers will know where we are located).

From Sihanoukeville: private vehicles can go left immediately after passing over the new bridge on entry into town and go north for 2 kms.  For those coming by public transport, you can either take a moto/tuk-tuk from the taxi/bus station as explained above, or you can shorten your trip slightly by exiting your transportation right after the new bridge and take a moto to Les Manguiers from there.

From Kep: private vehicles should go directly to the riverfront road, bear right, and drive north for approximately 3 kilometers until you see the small sign for our guesthouse.  Those arriving via public transport from Kep will arrive at the taxi/bus station and can get a moto or tuk-tuk from there.

Alternatively, just let us know when you plan to arrrive to Kampot and we can meet you.
For those wishing to travel directly via taxi from Phnom Penh (city or airport) to Les Manguiers, please contact us well in advance if you would like this to be arranged.

To book a room, we invite you to contact us by email or whats'app to best meet your expectation.
If you need further information feel free to contact us.

E-mail:  mangokampot@gmail.com; mangotree.kampot@yahoo.com
    092 33 00 50; or 090 33 00 50 
From abroad                855 92 33 00 50         or 855 90 33 00 50